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Photo Booth Common Questions 2024 2025

Here are some of the most common questions regarding photo booths and some helpful answers.


How much does a photo booth cost?

The average starting cost of a photo booth is $500 to $1500 depending on type of photo booth, demand in that area and number of hours open.

The most expensive types of photo booths are Mirror Booths and 360 video booths since they cost more to purchase and require more time to setup for events and weddings.

Photo Boo photo booth offers regular photo booth services in Ventura County using pictures only.


How much should you spend on a photo booth?

This depends on what you need and want for your event or wedding.

We at Photo Boo photo booth offer 2 package styles for different budgets.

Our lower priced package is the Selfie (or digital package) which starts at $500. This package is ideal for lower budgets that still want to include some sort of photo booth at their event. Guests take pictures and then enter their cell phone number to text their photo to themselves.

And then our next package above that is the Print Package which starts at $700. The print package costs more because it includes printing on 4x6 or 2x6 skinny strips.

Both the selfie package and print package include Backdrop, props and a digital copy of all photos taken at the event or wedding in Ventura County.


Are photo booths worth it?


Photo booths are a great way to give your wedding & event guests something to do and have fun.

It is also a great way for them to keep something from the event, whether its a digital photo sent to them via texting or with a printed copy of the photo.

Guests at weddings and events absolutely LOVE photo booths. It's easy , its fun and always gets people laughing and smiling.

It is also the most popular wedding enhancement for our main company , DJ Kamayo Entertainment, in Ventura County. They use our photo booth at 80% of their weddings.


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