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Frequently Asked Questions

Photo BOO

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  • How do I book photo booth services?
    Contact us by filling out our contact form to check availability first. If we are available we will send you pricing or ask for more info.
  • Is a deposit required to book photo booth services?
    Yes , we usually require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold the date.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you cancel the event, there is no refund on the deposit. If you postpone/move the date, we will transfer the deposit to the new date.
  • Can I personalize the photo booth experience for my wedding or event?
    Yes you can. We do offer many templates to choose from. We can also create a custom template if you have a theme or color scheme in mind. You can also choose your own fonts if you want.
  • What is a SELFIE photo booth?
    It is a full featured photo booth that sends photos to guests via texting or email. It is also known as a digital booth since there are no prints, and guests are able to share the photos while keeping their pictures on their phones.
  • Do you offer different backdrop options?
    Yes we have many different backdrops to choose for your wedding or event. Check them out here: photo booth backdrops
  • What packages do you offer?
    We have 4 types of packages based on the type of photo booth services we offer. Selfie Booth (full photo booth that sends via texting, aka digital booth) Booth with Printing (booth with on site printing and digital sending) Glam Booth (Kardashian Booth, black & white photo style) 360 Video Photo Booth
  • Are there any charges for travel or setup?
    We do not charge extra for travel or setup. The pricing we give you includes all of that. We believe in a simple & transparent price system.
  • Can I customize a package to suit my event?
    You bet! Let us know what you are looking for and we can create packages to fit your needs. We can also combine multiple booth styles or even do 2 photo booths for one event. For example, doing a digital booth and also doing a 360 video booth at a wedding or event.
  • Do you offer discounts or promotions?
    Occasionally we do. Check out our instagram page to see if we are. Throughout the year we do offer bundled discounts if you want to book photo booth with DJ services (which we also offer). Ask about our at home party special which includes photo booth and a DJ speaker (which you can plug into).
  • How much space you need to setup?
    For most events we need an 8 feet by 8 feet space. In some situations we can squeeze into smaller spaces but that would require no backdrop.
  • Is a photo booth attendant included?
    For wedding & events doing printing, we usually include an attendant. For drop off style booths like our digital booth that sends photos via texting , we usually do not have an attendant since the booth is self running and very easy use.
  • What the power requirements for the photo booth?
    We use very minimal power but we ask that you place the booth within 50 feet of a power outlet. We can also bring our own mini power generator if needed.
  • How early do you arrive to set up the photo booth?
    For most weddings & events in Ventura County/Santa Barbara/Los Angeles, we arrive 1 hour before the event to setup. In some situations we may arrive much earlier depending on the start time of your event and other events we are doing that day.
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