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Are photo booths worth it at weddings?

One of the most common questions brides have is this:

Are photo booths worth it at weddings?

Yes , 100% yes.

There are many reasons that a photo booth is worth it at your wedding.

Here are the top 2 reasons you should hire a photo booth company at your wedding:

  1. Gives you INSTANT memories that you and your guests can KEEP FOREVER.

What does that mean? It means you get a digital copy sent to your phone or you get a printed copy, printed in seconds.

Every time we send out the digital copy of all photos to our clients, they always respond with "OMG , these are amazing, they are the first pictures i've seen from the wedding" (since typically photographers take 1-2 months to send out wedding photos to brides & grooms).

2. 100% , Pure Fun & Laughs for Absolutely EVERYONE regardless of their age.

From doing a photo booth 100 plus times per year, we've seen first hand just how much fun and joy the photo booth brings out in people of all ages.

Everyone laughs and is super playful once they are taking a picture or when picking props. Its fun for people of all ages.


There you have it. If you are asking yourself the question: Are photo booths worth it at weddings?

The answer is YES , totally worth it for you and your guests at your wedding.

Contact PHOTO BOO today to check availability.

Thanks for reading.


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