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One of the hottest and most affordable trends at weddings in Ventura County is the AUDIO GUESTBOOK.
Have your guests leave you a message on a classic phone.
Get all of the messages sent to you via email, to keep forever.
Our audio guestbook is an amazingly affordable way to enhance your wedding and give your guests an even more memorable experience.

Add it to our already amazing Selfie Photo Booth or 360 Video Booth
for the ultimate photo experience.
We also have an available backdrop and sign for our

Audio Guestbook for Weddings
best audio guestbook for weddings


1. Audio Guestbook Voicemail - We will have you make a personal VOICEMAIL message . This is the message guests will hear when they pick up the phone. For example, you might have it say "Hey its Bob and Bonnie, leave a message at the beep."

2. Guests pick up the phone, hear your audio guestbook voicemail message, then they leave their message. They put the phone back. That's it, the message is recorded and saved instantly. 

3. A few days after the event we send you an email with a download link to download all of the messages from the audio guestbook. Keep messages you can replay forever.


Yep, its really that easy! 

 audio guestbook simi valley ventura county camarillo


Have your most important people leave you a message. 

From happy to heartfelt to hilarious, these are the awesome wedding moments you can relive forever. 

Our clients love it because it allows them to replay incredible memories and voices of the people that matter most to them.

The audio guestbook is a super affordable way to keep amazing memories forever. 

Audio Guestbook pricing for weddings starts

at just $100.


Cities We Work In...

Audio Guestbook near me

Photo Boo Photo Booth's

AUDIO GUESTBOOK Rental service 
available in:

  • Simi Valley

  • Fillmore

  • Santa Clarita

  • Valencia

  • Santa Barbara

  • Montecito

  • Carpinteria

  • Ojai

  • Thousand Oaks

  • Westlake Village

  • Malibu

  • Camarillo

  • Oxnard

  • Ventura

  • Woodland Hills

  • Chatsworth

  • Los Angeles

  • Santa Monica

  • Calabasas

Audio guestbook rental near me
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